The stage was set at Accor Stadium where New South Wales Touch Association (NSWTA) celebrated its  50th Anniversary, our Golden Jubilee in 2022.

It is quite a milestone to reach your 50th Anniversary, and it’s appropriate to recognise this important time in our history. We have come a long way as an organisation since Ray Vawdon, and Bob Dyke first formed the New South Wales Touch Football Association with six (6) Affiliates and 1500 participants.

While we celebrated our Golden Jubilee Teams we named our Smith and Boland Medal winners and celebrated the outstanding achievements of our hard wording Volunteers who have contributed to either their Affiliate, Region, and or State Body throughout the year.


Regional Affiliate of the Year

Southern Suns – Wagga Wagga TA

Sydney Rebels – Taren Point TA

Sydney Mets – Balmain TA

Sydney Scorpions – Hills and Manly Warringah TA

Hunter Western Hornets – Wallsend TA

Northern Eagles – Ballina TA

AFFILIATE OF THE YEAR – Hills and Manly Warringah Touch Association

Regional Administrator of the Year

Southern Suns – Tracee Livingston Orange  TA

Sydney Rebels – Melissa Henderson St George TA

Sydney Mets – Tanya Ryan Balmain TA

Sydney Scorpions – Katrina McIlwraith Hills Hornets TA

Hunter Western Hornets – Kellie Jean Johnston Wallsend TA

Northern Eagles – Kendal Devine Coffs Harbour TA

ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEARKatrina McIlwraith Hills Hornets TA

Affiliate Referee Director of the Year – Victor Baptista Western Suburbs TA

Social Media of the Year – Hills Hornets

Selector of the Year – Geoff Thornton Sydney Mets

Region of the Year – Sydney Scorpions

Youth Leader of the Year – Jessica pi-an-tino – St George TA

President of the Year/Aileen Medal – Rod Hetherington Parramatta TA

Rod Wise Medal – Mary Watchman Eastern Suburbs TA and Katrina McIlwraith Hills Hornet TA

BLUES AWARDS 2021/2022

Adam Collins NSWTA/ Sydney Scorpions
Andrew Yiangou Western Suburbs TA
Bradley Lugg Eastern Suburbs TA
Brett Jones Lower Blue Mountains TA
Caitlin Rogers Hills TA
Cameron Maxwell Wallsend TA
Christian Browne Manly Warringah TA
Ella Keefe Northern Suburbs TA
Evan Robertson West South West Suns
Geoffrey Stait Portland TA
Greg Snook Southern Rebels
Joe Farhat Western Suburbs TA
Josh Phillips Parramatta
Julie Snook Southern Rebels
Kirsty Wendt Wagga Wagga TA
Kylie Gatt Berkley Vale TA
Madalitso Masache Eastern Suburbs TA
Paul Watson Wagga Wagga TA
Rex Stanton TarcuttaTA/West South West Suns
Ricky Hetherington Parramatta/ Sydney Mets
Ruby Rath Northern Suburbs TA
Scott Bulmer St George TA
Scott Jacklin Taree
Sotirios Milliaros St George TA
Steve Heggarty Concord TA
Terrence Kwok St George TA
Natalie Little Wallsend TA


Brian Hill – Eastern Suburbs TA
Chris Plum – Tarcutta TA
Joe Farhat – Western Suburbs TA
Kevin Nopare Kara – Goulburn TA


2022 Smith Medal Winners – Courtney Young Canterbury TA

2022 Boland Medal Winner – Kai Simbolon Parramatta TA


Men’s Open

Owen Lane
Michael McCall
Steve Saunders
Mark Boland
Jamie Black
Jim Marinos
Shane Frederiksen
Jamie Stowe
Garry Sonda
Steve Roberts
Matthew Prowse
Scott Buckley
Nicholas Good
Dylan Hennessey
Tony Trad – Coach
Cary Thompson – Selector


Karen Smith
Lisa Neal
Maria Arthur
Gai Taylor
Katrina Toohey
Gabrielle Rose
Giselle Tirado
Amanda Judd
Kristy Judd
Louise Winchester
Clare Tandek
Bo De La Cruz
Laura Peattie
Samantha Rodgers
Mark Egan – Coach
Michael Clark – Selector


Cathryn Lochhead-Ogle
Tracey Arnott
Dean Russell
Stacey Gregory
Mark Hearnden
Steve Sutton
SCOTT Mcleod
Darren Shelley
Nadina Teskera
Kylie Hilder
Tony Eltakchi
Elin Mortimer
Daniel Stone
Dylan Thompson
Steve Sharman – Coach
Geoff Thornton – Selector


Dennis Dwyer
Michael Jonson* – represented by his brother Paul Jonson
Ron Wall
Andrew Yiangou
Ray Grigg
Dean McManus
Peter Vincent
Tim Kitchingham
Dave Cheung
Garry Simmons
David Roberts
Phil Jarrett
Chris Jonson
Ian Stanley – Coach
Don Green – Selector


Joanne Coulson* – Represented by her sister Anne Murray
Louise McCourt
Annette Mounsey
Donna O’connor
Judy Malcolm
Tracey Simpson
Joanne Wong
Jody English
KATRINA Mcilwraith
Kristi Miller
Kellie-Jean Johnston
Anna Gleeson
Kylie Stewart
Nicole Mitchell
Robert White – Coach
Ron Hanson* – Selector – Represented by his wife Fran Hanson


Jarrad Rotumah
Bo De La Cruz
Neville Donovan
Sara Hamilton
Trent Touma
Caryl Jarrett
Melissa Mitchell
Barry Chenhall
Cliff Lyons
Carly Walsh
Shane Frederiksen
Loretta Donovan
Adrian Harrington
Jason Zabielo
Karley Banks – Coach
Reg Walker – Selector


Neville Hockey – Men’s Open
Adam Foley – Men’s Open
David Baggio – Men’s Open
Bronwyn Carruthers* – Women’s Open – Represented by her husband Jim Carruthers
Christine Sterling* – Women’s Open – Represented by her daughter Rebecca Dunbar
Sandra Clark – Women’s Open
Gary Mournehis – Mixed Open
Rina Janson – Mixed Open
Kim Skelly – Mixed Open
John Bonetti – Men’s Snr
Rex Smith – Men’s Snr
Stephen Pike – Men’s Snr
Jan Martin – Women’s Snr
Sharon Tull – Women’s Snr
Amanda Draper – Women’s Snr
Eric Ferguson – Indigenous
Gavin West – Indigenous
Tim Ah See – Indigenous
Barrie Keenahan – Coach
Ian Matthew – Coach
Chris Dolahenty – Coach


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