Recently we held a forum with Vawdon Cup Affiliates to discuss a new format for the 2024 Vawdon Cup based on feedback the NSWTA has received.

We would like to thank the Affiliates who attended and provided feedback during and post forum. We appreciate the comments and suggestions provided.

We understand that change can be difficult for our community. However, not striving for improvement could also be detrimental.

While the 2024 event will change, the majority of the competition will still occur within the traditional Vawdon Cup timeframe but starting later and extending by two weeks.


The feedback we received before our recent Affiliate engagement regarding the historical structure and format of the Vawdon Cup consistently highlighted concerns along the following themes:

  • The Vawdon Cup is losing its prestige and needs an overhaul.

  • The competition runs too long, and there is a desire for a shorter season.

  • There is a strong preference to move the Vawdon Cup out of the winter months.

  • The current timing leads to losing players to other winter sports.

  • Many want the Vawdon Cup to serve as a warm-up for the State Cup.

  • There is a demand for more club nights.

  • Most 2023 Vawdon Cup survey respondents preferred only one doubleheader on Sunday, with regional responses suggesting more Sundays to reduce weekly travel time.

We also understand some members hold a more traditionalist view and prefer to maintain the current format. However, in the forefront of our minds is that under the current format, there has been a 23% decline in participation over the last few years, whereas State Cup has increased from 195 to 224 teams in the same period, signalling that change should be considered.

Additionally, while we considered what impact that the World Cup may have, we would stress that it is only one element of consideration.

While impossible to achieve all elements provided through feedback and the engagement piece, we believe a change in structure and format will allow us to revamp and shorten the competition, move it out of the colder months, avoid clashes with winter sports, and use the event as a warm-up for the State Cup.

This renewed format addresses the feedback provided by participants and received overwhelming support via the engagement with Affiliates. It will also create an offseason for players, coaches, referees, and administrators.


To provide for the elements mentioned above, a shortened 2024 Vawdon Cup will be played through October into November.

To achieve this, we will adjust the competition structure to reduce game time and the overall length of the competition:

  • Games will follow a 30-minute touchdown turnaround format to accommodate a shortened season.
  • Potential timeslots: 6:30 pm, 7:05 pm, 7:40 pm, 8:15 pm, 8:50 pm, 9:25 pm
  • Week 1: Double Header for half of the divisions, with the remaining divisions playing 1 competition round. Week 2: Those who played 1 round in Week 1 will play a Double Header, and those who played a Double Header in Week 1 will play 1 round. (Logistics will be governed by team nominations with a maximum of 10 teams per division)
  • Triple Header: All teams will play a Triple Header on one Sunday during the competition.


Week 1 Friday, October 11
Week 2 Friday, October 18
Week 3 Friday, October 25
Week 4 Friday, November 1
Week 5 Sunday, November 3
Semi Final 1        Friday, November 8
Semi Final 2        Sunday, November 10
Grand Final         Sunday, November 17

NB. The NSWTA Country Championships are scheduled for October 12th and 13th. It is not unusual for both events to overlap, and we will soon be announcing the venue. To support regional teams that may enter the Vawdon Cup, we are investigating the viability of scheduling games at the venue on Friday, October 11th.


Sunday, October 27
Friday, November 15


Eligibility will remain via Season 2, 2023, and Season 1, 2024, and will now extend to Season 2, 2024.


A player must have played a minimum of four (4) rounds to be eligible for the Finals Series. Players not meeting this criteria due to extenuating circumstances must submit a written application to the Events Manager for consideration. Given the shorter time frame, injuries may impact qualification, and medical reports will be considered.

We also recognise that our decision may not be unanimously supported, given the passion for the game, the tradition of the Vawdon Cup, and individual perspectives. However, as an organisation, we strive to provide a product that meets the desires of the majority of our members. While we will run with this format in 2024, we will review with stakeholders post event with a view to make future decisions by March 2025.

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