For the second year, due to COVID-19 we were unable to hold the NSWTA Awards in our normal Gala Dinner setting.

As such, we took the Awards digital.

All the Winners were announced online during a live-stream hosted by SEN 1170 presenter and Touch Football’s favorite Joel Caine and NSW Touch General Manager Dean Russell.

The live stream can be re-watched via our Facebook and YouTube pages.

As part of the Awards, the Boland and Smith Medal count also take place.

The Awards are in two categories, Sports Awards which recognises the tremendous work of all our volunteers, Affiliates, and Regions. The most prestigious award is that of the Rod Wise Medal which is the highlight of the night.

We also have the performance Award which looks at the outstanding results of players, teams, and coaches.


Regional Affiliate of the Year

Southern Suns – Wollongong TA

Sydney Rebels – Bankstown TA

Sydney Mets – Balmain Snrs TA

Sydney Scorpions – Manly Warringah TA

Hunter Western Hornets – Wallsend TA

Northern Eagles – Gunnedah TA

AFFILIATE OF THE YEAR – Balmain Snrs and Manly Warringah Touch Association

Regional Administrator of the Year

Southern Suns – Katie Francis Coolamon TA

Sydney Rebels – Matthew Wong UNSW SSR TA

Sydney Mets – Richard Stone Balmain Jnr TA

Sydney Scorpions – Carol Jones Hornsby TA and Katrina McIlwraith Hills Hornets TA

Hunter Western Hornets – Kellie Jean Johnston Wallsend TA

Northern Eagles – Kendal Devine Coffs Harbour TA

ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEARKellie Jean Johnston Wallsend TA

Affiliate Referee Director of the Year – Victor Baptista Western Suburbs TA

Selector of the Year – Allan Davis Northern Eagles

Region of the Year – Hunter Western Hornets

Youth Leader of the Year – Jordan Parsonage North Suburbs TA

President of the Year – Wayne Calleja Balmain Snrs TA

Rod Wise Medal – Craig Englert Macksville TA

BLUES AWARDS 2020/2021

Jordan Bates Appin TA

Matthew Tran Appin TA

Andrew Phillips Balmain Jnrs TA

Alec Fitzgerald Muir Balmain Jnrs TA

Angela Truman Bankstown TA

Craig Lippett Bankstown TA

Alan Kirchen Ballina TA

Jenny Morgan Evans Head TA

Lucinda Wehrle Hills TA

Gerard Davis Harden TA

Terry Cooper Hornsby TA

Christine Cooper Hornsby TA

Rosemary Risso Griffith TA

Julie Wiseman Maitland TA

Justin Richardson Northern Suburbs TA

Craig Lowe Manly Warringah TA

Kate Perrett Manly Warringah TA

Elizabeth Forrest Manly Warringah TA

Robert Sassen Parramatta TA

Melinda Sassen Parramatta TA

Kevin Mooney Tenterfield TA

Brienna Anderson UNSW SSR TA

Rochelle Stevens Wallsend TA

Linley Kenny Wallsend TA

Dawn Redman Wallsend TA


Joe Dougall

Steve Lyons

Bill Slade

Graham Goodwin

Rina Janson


2020 Smith Medal Winners – Isabella Slattery Eastern Suburbs TA and Hannah Dyball Manly Warringah TA

2020 Boland Medal Winner – Josh Moffit Central Coast TA

Senior Coach of the Year – Edith Nathan Team NSW

Junior Coach of the Year – Scott Buckley Penrith TA

Coach of the Year  – Christian Browne Manly Warringah TA

Senior Team of the Year – Men’s 50s Team NSW

Junior Team of the Year – Hunter Western Hornets Girls 18s

Team of the Year – Manly Warringah Women’s Premier League

Senior Female Player of the Year – Kate Hilyard Western Suburbs TA

Senior Male Player of the Year – Scott Buckley Penrith TA

Junior Female Player of the Year – Isabella Slattery Eastern Suburbs TA

Junior Male Player of the Year – Josh Moffit Central Coast TA

Female Player of the Year – Hannah Dyball Manly Warringah TA

Male Player of the Year – Daniel Stone Bankstown TA


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