As always, we are committed to providing a fantastic weekend of competition at this year’s State Cup. Unfortunately, the on-going bushfire situation on the North Coast of NSW may mean that we all need to take some extra care during the event. The NSWTA has continued to monitor the ongoing fires across the north coast of NSW with NSW Health and Port Macquarie Council and the potential for associated health issues. The bushfires are currently being contained and local businesses and tourism operators are open and trading. Port Macquarie Airport, the Pacific Highway and major roads (with the exception of the Oxley Highway to Walcha) are open.

It is not possible to know what the air quality will be like when the State Cup arrives in Port Macquarie. We do, however, need to ensure we have contingencies in place should conditions not be in our favor. Please be advised that if conditions at any time are deemed dangerous, due to smoke or fire, the NSWTA will act accordingly. This includes but not limited to altering playing conditions, the draw or to postpone/cancel games should we feel that it is necessary. The NSWTA encourages all players, and their families, to consider the health risks associated with exercising in a smoke-filled environment. This is particularly important for those people with chronic respiratory (for example, asthma) or cardiac conditions. Your health should take priority. If you have any pre-existing conditions, we ask that these be reported to your team manager who will provide the information to your Affiliate Coordinator in case they are required by medical personnel. If participating and you start getting symptoms, you should leave the field immediately and seek medical attention. Participants with chronic health problems, particularly respiratory and cardiac, need to consider the risks of playing in a smoke-filled environment. If a participant is asthmatic, you need to be prepared and bring all medications to the State Cup – preventers and relievers. Smoke and dust can also cause eye problems. Affiliates have been requested to bring normal saline eyewash for participants. Symptoms participants may experience include:

• Shortness of breath (disproportionate to exertion, or at rest)

• Cough

• Chest tightness

• Chest pain

• Irregular heartbeat

• Lightheaded / feeling faint

• Sore throat

• Itchy/sore eyes

The NSWTA has instructed all affiliates to have a reporting officer for the event. Your affiliate will identify to you who this is. Should you be suffering any of these symptoms, you need to seek treatment if required and advise your reporting officer immediately.

The decision to participate at the NSWTA State Cup will be left to the individual. Always check the NSWTA App, website or Facebook for up to date information regarding playing conditions.

As this is an evolving situation, rest assured that NSWTA will continue to monitor conditions and communicate with 2019 State Cup Affiliates as required.

It is important that :

• you have read the above information;

• understand that any decision by you to participate in the NSWTA State Cup is a personal decision.

Dean Russell General Manager

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