In a change to the delivery of the New South Wales Touch Association’s Junior State, from 2019 the event will be split into a Northern and Southern Conference with a State Final. While full logistical details of this new format are to be finalised, the Association today announced the winning the venue for the 2019-2021 Northern Conference.

The NSWTA General Manager, Dean Russell announced that Port Macquarie Hastings Council supported by the Port Macquarie Touch Association had been successful in winning the tender for the first Junior State Cup Northern Conference.

“We have now been at this venue for the Junior State Cup since 2013, and we know how the venue works with this type of the event” Russell stated. “With this new model in the delivery of the Junior State Cup, it is important to get it right from the outset. When taking into account this tender proposal, the known requirements of the event, the relationships already in place and the capacity of the venue to host such any event, the current location proved to be the best fit for the Association in this exciting new chapter of the Junior State Cup.” He added.

Port Macquarie still has one year on the current Junior State Cup tender and will now see the revised version in its current location until 2021. “We currently anticipate approximately 220-240 teams will participate in the first year of the new structure in the Northern Conference and hold a firm view on growing that number further through the course of tenure,” said Russell.

While still a considerable number of teams and more in line with entries of a senior State Cup, the new format will release some pressures on current infrastructure for the event such as accommodation and traffic management.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Mayor Peta Pinson was excited about the benefits that the Junior State Cup will continue to bring to the region.
“The tournament brings so many positives to our community, including encouraging increased participation in touch football from a young age, and providing the opportunity for our local junior players to compete in high level competition.

“With around 22,000 visitors coming here each year for the Junior and State Cup events combined, the economic benefit over the new three and five year contracts is anticipated to be in excess of $50 million,” Mayor Pinson said.
Russell also advised that no decision has been reached on the venue for the Southern Conference.

“There are many new venues who have put their hand up for the event, some of which we have not seen before. As this will be a first, we need to ensure we get the decision right. That means there are due diligence checks we need to undertake on all tender applications before making a decision and announcement for the Southern Conference.” stated Russell. “While we know people will want to know where the venue is, we are not going to rush the decision. We want to make sure we get it right. The Southern Conference is imperative to the development pathways for affiliates in the South and South West of the State. Hence this decision is extremely important and why we need to take our time to make the right one.” he further added.

It is expected an announcement on the Southern Conference will be made in the first quarter of 2018 along with the conference split for affiliates and the structure of the State Final series.

Any enquiries can be directed to NSWTA General Manager, Dean Russell, 0417242989

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