For millions of Australians, sport is a daily habit. And it’s a habit all Australians should be able to embrace and enjoy.

Sporting Schools will work to capture this connection early. By building the relationship between schools and sports, Sporting Schools will see more children take part in sport based activities – and develop healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Sporting Schools is all about fostering a lifelong interest in sport among Australian children.

Its key purpose is to encourage more children to do more sport-based activities, and empower schools to help them do that. Central to schools achieving that outcome is the expert, enthusiastic involvement of sporting organisations, clubs and coaches.

Sporting Schools is committed to helping sport, schools and communities work closer than ever before to grow sport activity in primary schools.

The Australian Sports Commission, in partnership with over 30 national sporting organisations, has developed the resources to help sporting clubs, coaches and teachers to run these activities.

Nationwide online registration is free for all Australian primary schools, skilled coaches and identified sporting partners.

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