The Board recently endorsed the State Selectors Panel, which now completes all three panels.

As part of its Toward 2024 Strategic Plan, the NSWTA held workshops in the implementation phase, and it has been identified through this process that State Panels should be appointed for three-year terms. As such, the NSWTA state Panels will be in place from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2026.

Following an extensive expression of interest and assessment process, the Board has endorsed the State Directors’ recommendations for the State Selectors Panel.

The NSWTA Selectors Panel – Link to Portfolio.

Director- Michael Clark

Belinda Holt

Education Coordinator Mets, Eagles and Hornets
Player Feedback Coordinator,

Don Green

Education Coordinator Scorpions
Compliance – Hornets
Coordinator for Boland and Smith Medal and Player of the Final at all tournaments (as required)

Sandra Hughes

Education Coordinator Rebels and Suns
Compliance – Mets, Rebels and Suns
Preparation and monitoring of Budget

Geoff Thornton

Compliance – Eagles and Scorpions
Responsibility for Ratification Process
Liaise with NSW Director of Coaching and State Coaches

Annette Thomas Schumacher

Responsibility for Selectors Database
Responsibility for Living Document

NB. Fran Hanson is not a member of the Panel but will act in a role of Selector Liaison.

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