As the touch community is aware, the last two years of the Junior State Cup Northern Conference have suffered weather impacts that have forced the event’s cancellation. We acknowledge that this has caused disappointment, stress and, in some cases, anger amongst the Northern Conference affiliates, participants and families. Our affiliates have provided considerable feedback on the venue’s viability for the Junior State Cup next year.

Post the 2022 event, the NSWTA has reviewed possible alternate venues for running the 2023 Northern Conference, the final year of the current cycle. This has been a challenge in regard to the logistical requirements to run a Junior State Cup, as no two venues are the same. All options considered have strengths in specific requirements while in other areas they require some flexibility in delivery elements.

As a result, the NSWTA has informed Port Macquarie Hastings Council today that we will not be returning to Port Macquarie for the 2023 Junior State Cup Northern Conference.

We will conduct the 2023 event at the Lady Cutler Sporting precinct, Dubbo, on February 24-26. The precinct is centrally located in the heart of the city and is a short stroll from the CBD.

We reiterate that this is only for the 2023 Junior State Cup Northern Conference. We also confirm that we will, until the end of this cycle, remain with the one team per affiliate per division policy.

Later this year, tenders will be called for the 2024-26 event. Part of the process before that tender will be to engage with all stakeholders on future formats of the Junior State Cup. The first element of this will be a forum-type engagement with all affiliates to allow them to present their views and ideas on the event delivery that the NSWTA can consider. We will advise the date shortly that this forum will occur.

The Dubbo Visitors Information Centre operates an accommodation availability program in support of major events and will be a one stop-shop for enquiries.

Dubbo Visitors Information Centre
Phone: (02) 68014450

Affiliates needing assistance with accommodation can reach out to Dubbo Visitors Information Centre via this link: VISITOR INFORMATION

The Centre will assist in connecting Affiliates that register with accommodation options suitable to their requirements, registration via the above form link is not a guaranteed accommodation booking and one registration per Affiliate will be accepted to the register. Registration for assistance it will be assessed on a first come first served basis.

In addition, the Centre will only place Affiliates on the booking register, not individual families at this stage, individual families looking for accommodation can go online to for information on accommodation options and how to book.

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